Saturday, May 31, 2008

Natalie George: Reporting LIVE from "The Best Weekend Ever 2"

Copied from my meetup message board:

Six lucky raw food enthusiasts from Kansas City, traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to Spend 2 Full Days with David Wolfe, Peter Ragnar, Mike Adams, Jay Kordich & More--LIVE!!!!

Just in....reporting LIVE is Natalie George via instant message:

Natalie: I'm at the bwe! Mike adams is speaking
It is really good!
me: Love him!
Lucky girl!!!
Natalie: :)
me: I feel the energy......
Natalie: It is high
me: i bet
me: send some good stuff when you can so I can post updates on the message board like, "Live from update from Natalie!"
Natalie: Ok, I will
Sent at 10:17 AM on Saturday
Natalie: 5 levels of disease: symptoms, indirect causes, actions, beliefs and identity
Natalie: 2 most dangerous words in medicine: "am" and "have"
For example, "I am diabetic", "I have diabetes"
When we say something about ourselves, it becomes part of our identity, we believe it, then take actions with it, causing it indirectly to show symptoms
When a doctor tells someone they have a disease, that is when the disease starts
Assuming the person makes it a part of their identity and belief system
All they really have are a set of patterns of symptoms
Instead of saying "I am diabetic" which just reinforces it
Say "my physiology expressed a pattern of symptoms that were named diabetes"
This gives you a choice over your physiology
Be mindful of your words: the body follows what the mind believes
That sums it up and was an introduction to a video he has called "the illusion of disease"
Which I'm thinking of purchasing and showing as well
Sent at 10:33 AM on Saturday
Natalie: Yikes

Sent at 10:36 AM on Saturday

Stay tuned for more "Live" reports from Natalie!


I am really looking forward to hearing more "Live" reports from Natalie!